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Guge Ruins (1)
More than 1,000 years ago, a powerful kingdom with a splendid civilization was born here. But after over 700 years of rule, the kingdom was destroyed by internal disorder and invasion from the outside. What is left here are the ruins of the capital of the Guge Kingdom. Located in Zhada County, the ruins are well-known throughout the world and are under key protection of the State.

Zhada County, more than 3,800 meters above the sea level, is famous for the ruins of the Guge Kingdom and the vast stretches of clay forests peculiar to it. Most of the visitors who travel to Ngari come in order to visit Zhada and the Guge. Xiangquanhe River, one of the four large rivers in Ngari, runs through Zhada, but the majority of the county is dry desert. The clay forests cover several hundred square kilometers, in various unique shapes. The county town of Zhada and the ruins of Guge, which are 18 km away from the county town, are surrounded by uninterrupted clay forests. The scene is really a wonderful view created by the uncanny workmanship of nature.

"Guge" is a miracle. For years it strongly attracted numerous explorers, scholars, artists and journalists who traveled from afar to investigate and search for treasures. According to historical records, after the last king of the Tubo Dynasty, Lang Darma, died, the royal family began to fight for the throne. Gyide Nyimagun, Long Darma's descendent, lost the war and ran away to Ngari, where he established a small kingdom. Later, Gyide Nyimagun divided Ngari into three parts and gave them to his three sons. The Guge Kingdom was ruled by Dezogun, Gyide Nyimagun's third son. His regime ran for more than 700 years before being destroyed in a war. According to the Annals of Kings and Officials in Tibet, a total of 16 kings ruled the Guge Kingdom, and Guge Castle was accomplished through constant construction between the 10th and 16th century. Guge has a very significant position in the history of economic and cultural development of Tibet. Many significant Buddhist doctrines of ancient India were passed on to hinterland Tibet via Guge.Guge was also one of the important commercial ports linking ancient Tibet with the outside world.After the Tubo Dynasty died out,Tibet entered a 400-some year period of isolation. Guge was always a large and powerful kingdom. Even the dust of time cannot hide its prosperity and past glory.

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