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Classical Tibet Tours

Isolated in its mountain fortress of the Himalayas, Tibet has had a unique hold on the imagination of the West. On the tours to Tibet, you can gain the insights to into the core of Tibet culture because you explore the major cities, visit the famous religious monuments and meet the friendly Tibetan people who possess the distinctive ethnic features.
Classical Tibet Tours
Holy City-Lhasa Package --- 4-day Tibet Tour of Lhasa
Tibet Culture Heritage --- 5-day Tibet Tour of Lhasa / Tsedang
Tibet Spectacular --- 7-day Tibet Tour of Lhasa / Gyantse / Shigatse
Tibet Explore --- 9-day Tibet Tour of Lhasa / Tsedang / Gyantze / Shigatse
From Lhasa to Katmandu --- 12-day Tibet Tour of Lhasa / Gyantze / Shigatse / Tingri / Base Camp / Zhangmu / Katmandu

Classical Tibet and China Tours

Discover mysterious Tibet and the Middle Kingdom. Explore the world's oldest civilizations from Beijing to far Tibet, where you peer behind the normal to see what real lives are like there. Visit Tibetan religious monuments, Chinese historical sites, the local families and markets while emerge with richer, more textured views.
Classical Tibet and China Tour China Highlight Plus Tibet --- 12-day China and Tibet tour of Beijing / Xian / Lhasa / Chengdu / Shanghai
Tibet Spectacular --- 12-day China and Tibet tour of Hong Kong / Chengdu / Lhasa / Gyantze / Shigatse / Chengdu / Hong Kong
China Spectacular plus Tibet --- 15-day China and Tibet tour of Beijing / Xian / Lhasa / Chengdu / Guilin / Guangzhou / Hong Kong
China Yangtze plus Tibet --- 20-day China and Tibet tour of Beijing / Xian / Wuhan / Yangtze River Cruise / Chongqing / Chengdu /
Lhasa / Guilin / Guangzhou / Hong Kong

Tibet Off-beaten Track Tours

These epic and fantastic journeys from Yunnan, Sichuan and Qinghai, across the Tibetan Plateau to Lhasa, has fascinated and attracted the pilgrims, the explorers and traders for hundreds of years. Along the trips, you can visit friendly Tibetan nomads, mysterious monasteries, and as well come across snow-covered mountains, crystal clear highland lakes, broad meadows, emerald-green forests and rare wild animals. The trips are quite long, and require certain expertise to operate them. We surely know the areas and know how to accommodate the travelers along the trips.
Tibet Off-beaten Track Tour Yunnan and Tibet Overland (South) --- 17-day tour of Yunnan and Tibet Overland Tour (South) Kunming / Lijiang / Shangri-La / Deqen / Markam / Zogang / Bamda / Baxoi / Rawok / Bowo Tongme / Nyingchi / Gongbo’gyamda / Lhasa
Yunnan and Tibet Overland (North) --- 19-day tour of Yunnan and Tibet Overland Tour (North) Kunming / Lijiang / Shangri-La / Deqen / Yanjing / Markam / Zogang / Bamda / Lhorong / Bambar / Biru / Nagqu / Lhasa
Sichuan and Tibet Overland --- 17-day tour of Sichuan and Tibet Overland Tour Chengdu / Khamding / Daofu / Ganzi / Payul / Derge / Gyangdha / Chamdo / Dingchen / Suoxian / Naqu / Dangxiong / Lhasa
Qinghai and Tibet --- 9-day tour of Qinghai and Tibet Overland Tour Xining / Qignhai Lake / Golmud / Tuotuohe River / Nagqu / Lhasa
Tibet Kham and Amdo Tour --- 13-day tour of Tibet Kham and Amdo Tour / Chengdu / Kangding / Tagong / Bamei / Ganze / Dege / Baiyu / Ganze / Danba / Rilong / Chengdu

Tibet Trekking Tours

Tibet is locked away in its Himalayan fortress. Now it is a spectacular world travel destination. Trekking might be the best way to explore the mysterious land in depth and view her desolate beauty. Along the treks, you will visit the untouched villages, holy shrines; cross the glaciated valleys, the beautiful lakes and the snow-covered mountains; and pass the Tibetan nomads on the highland pasture
Tibet Trekking Tours Gandan and Samye Trekking --- 12-day Tibet Gandan and Samye Trekking TourLhasa / Trekking / Samye Monastery / Shigatse / Lhasa
Tibet Base Camp Trekking Tour --- 12-day Tibet Base Camp Trekking TourLhasa / Shigatse / Tingri / Zhaxizong / Rongpuk Monastery / Zhangmu / Kathmandu
Tibet Mountain Kailash Trekking --- 21-day Tibet Mountain Kailash Trekking Tour Lhasa / Gyantze / Shigatse / Paryang / Darchen / Trek / Mountain Kailash / Lake Manasarovar / Darchen / Tsada / Lhasa
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