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  Schedule for 2006 Qomolangma Clean-Up Campaign  
Author:sichuan Source:en.tibet.cn time:2006-4-27

Currently, volunteers can apply to participate in a campaign to clean up Mount Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest and registration will end on May 7. There will be further news on our News Center, please wait for the following reports.

Phase I: Prelude

April 22, 2006: Volunteer-recruiting starts in Beijing.

April 22--May 7: Volunteer-recruiting

May 8--May 10: Physical test for volunteers

May 13--May 14: At physical training base

May 20: Set-out ceremony & press conference

Phase II: Qomolangma Clean-Up

May 22: All volunteers arrive in Lhasa by air.

May 23: Visiting the honor-room of Tibet Mountaineering Expedition and declaring the foundation of China's first environmental protection mountaineering team by issuing environmental protection proclamation.

May 24: Physical adjustment and rubbish-cleaning at two sides of Potala Palace Square

May 25: Oath-taking at Potala Palace and go to Xigaze from Lhasa.

May 26: Visiting Tashilhungpo Monastery and establishing garbage-station at 3rd pole of the earth.

May 27: Go to Tingri County from Xigaze.

May 28: Launch an environmental protection activity in Tingri.

May 29: Going to the Qomolangma base camp and establishing a news center for 2006 Qomolangma Clean-Up

May 30: Clean the Qomolangma base camp and donating environmental protection bags to Qomolangma Nature Reserve.

May 31: Collect the garbage and decamp. After donating to the world's highest primary school, the team goes back to Tingri.

June 1: Go back to Lhasa.

June 2: Go to the Tui Village.

June 3: Start the power-project at Tui Village and visit Tibetan families.

June 4: Return to Lhasa.

June 5: Transfer the rubbish and publicize this environmental protection activity.

June 6: Say goodbye to Tibet and a welcome ceremony will be held in Beijing.

Phase III: Later Activities

June 7--July 15:

The special reports and commemorating CD on the 2006 Qomolangma Clean-Up Campaign are published by "Outdoor Wealth".

August 23--August 26: 2006 Qomolangma Clean-Up Campaign exhibition at 2006 Asia Outdoor Trade Fair in Nanjing

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