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  Title News 2006 03  
Author:sichuan Source:china-panda time:2006-3-29

On the afternoon of March 28, Zhang Qingli, the acting secretary of Tibet Party Committee interviewed Sun Yongfu, Chinese Vice Minister of Railways, talking about the Qinghai-Tibet Railway
-2006 Nyingchi Civil Administration Working Conference was held on March 24

-Tibet Mountaineering School signed a 10-year useful-life agreement with Shanghai Tohkin Beverage Co., Ltd. for cultivating more mountaineering men

-Health Checkup Center of General Hospital of Tibet Military Command holds people's health checkup archives for free

-Six ports are going to be established or renovated in the next 15 years, including Zayul, Cona, Yadong, Zham, Burang and Sibgyi port

-The local government of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture will settle 10 deeds for the farmers and herders with 540 million yuan (about 69 million US dollars) investment in 2006

-Serious damage has also occurred to 12 million hectares of grassland, or 50 percent of grassland in the northern part of Tibet Autonomous Region, southwest China, and the affected area is expanding by five percent every year, according to local animal husbandry officials

-A meeting on the food safety was held in Lhasa on March 28, the related units of Lhasa attending

-After some busy days, the optical fiber cables have laid on the five mobile base stations successfully in Lhasa, including Galsang Lingka, Cement Plant, and the 6th Middle School

-As the only stock exchange in Tibet, Lhasa Stock Exchange launched an online stock trading system March 27 after safe test


-Sources from Tibet Tax Working Conference, the theme of this year is harmonious development, and the total revenue will reach 1.77 billion yuan (about 0.22 billion US dollars)
-Tibet is rich in water resource with a total amount of 110 million kilowatt exploitable hydropower resource, topping the whole country

-Two brothers, Jin Feibao and Jin Feibiao from Yunnan depart Kunming for Mt. Qomolangma (also named Mt. Everest) today

-As the only modern academy on Tibetan medicine in China, Tibetan Medicine Academy of Tibet has set up a major on chronometer and star-operator since 2005

-Thanks to the flourish tourism in Nyingchi County, the annual per capita net income of Bangna village amounted to 3,489 yuan (436 US dollars) last year

-Thanks to the national tree-planting activity, the forestation area in Lhasa is summed to 35,000 mu (Chinese unit of area, 1/15 of a hectare)

-Marked as the No 1 project of 11th Five Years Plan, the housing project for farmers and herders will be invested with 2.726 billion yuan (0.38 billion dollars) for 220,000 households

-A logistics distribution center for publication will be established in the next 5 years, sources from TAR press and publication working conference held on March 27

-The 2nd-phase of rural electricty grid construction project has finished and passed the primary check and acceptance

-According to the Layout of the 11th "Five-Year Plan" of TAR Press and Publication Industry (discussion draft), the increasing value of press and publication industry will occupy 1.5 per cent of GDP of TAR until 2010


-Sources from the People's Bank of China Lhasa Branch, two saving rates will be down, one is the RMB saving deposits of urban and rural residents, and another is the RMB saving deposits of enterprises and institutions
-Government departments of Dagze County jointly held legal publicizing activities recently

-From March 25 to 26, a delegation led by the Secretary of Comai County Party Committee Hong Bin visited Chu Zhou, a city of Anhui province

-To Xigaze government, the center of this year is to rise the income of farmers and herders and the gross domestic product will reach 5.69 billion yuan (about 0.71 billion dollars), with an increase of 17 per cent than last year

-Led by official of human influence on weather office of TAR, a 5-member delegation investigated Xiagaze, Gyangze County and Lhaze County for the establishment of Thunder Observation Station from March 16 to 19

-The booths fee of 2006 Qinghai Tibetan Capet International Exhibition is free to attract more attendees

-12 normative shopping centers will be built to regulate the tour market of Jiuzhaigou, a famous landscape in Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province

-March 27, 913 graduates from junior colleges and technical secondary schools competed for 600 posts in Lhasa

-15 members from government departments have been invited as special monitors by TAR Bureau of Personnel

-"The layout on protection and establishment of environment safe barrier for Tibetan plateau" has passed the argumentation in Beijing recently

-Urban planning and environmental protection campaign well processed in Lhasa's from this Feb.

-Lhasa Tourism Bureau will hold conference on Lhamo Namco Holy Lake Tourism Development soon

-The engineering train for emergency from Xining to Golmud, Qinghai Province will open to traffic this year

-The film Full Moon over Lianzhou staged to the public in Gansu after successful shows in U.S.

-Shanghai travel agencies vied fierce competition for Shanghai-Tibet tourism service

-Tibet Gesanghua Singing and Dance Troupe staged performance for Fujian citizens Satuerday

-TAR places high attention to quality control over agricultural products

-Shanghai travel agencies vied fierce competition for Shanghai-Tibet tourism service

-Working conference on labor security opened in Lhasa Saturday

--Working conference on tourism develiopment opened in Lhasa Saturday

-Two brothers from Yunnan province will challenge Mt. Qomolangma this May


-Since founded in October, 2001, the administration of Nyingchi Natural Preservation Zones has finished declaring Gongbo Natural Reserve as well as the establishment of 5 branch offices and 8 managing stations
-The alma mater of Lunphel, Tibet University held a meeting to learn from the good example

-This year, the technology of using bulk blending fertilizer with science will be promoted in 25 main grain-producing counties in Tibet with 2 million allowances from State Government

-After raising 110,000 yuan (about 13,750 dollars) from the drivers, some temporary-parking plates will be set up at the thriftily streets of Lhasa

-The total number of telephone subscribers in Tibet pierces into one million, rising to the historied record

-Lhasa Agriculture and Stockbreeding Working Conference was held on March 22, in which the aim of 2006 is that the gross industry value will reach 1,100 million yuan (137.5 million dollars)

-16 women and 16 units of TAR were awarded by All-China Women's Federation on March 23

-In the afternoon of March 13, a press group on the fire protection reached Gyamda County, Qamdo prefecture after 230 kilometers journey

-16 drivers coming from Foshan Landwind Driver Team will launch a 2006 Snowy Tour to Tibet on March 7

-In 2005, more than 30,000 person-times in Tibet benefit from Tibetan tourism, and the average income is 2000 yuan higher than last year


-A working and harmonization conference on fire protection and safety of cultural relic units in Xigaze was held presently
-During last 5 years, over 70 training classes have been held by traffic departments of Tibet, and more than 3200 farmers and herdsmen have benefited from the education

-Sponsored by Intellectual Property Office of TAR, the Intellectual Property Publicizing Week will begin at the end of April

-Sources from Nyingchi Rural Working Conference, the gross agricultural output value will reach 598 million yuan (about 74 million dollars) this year

-Zhong Lijing and Wang Yingpo, the two excellent guides from Hainan province have been selected to aid Tibetan tourism from April to October, the tour midseason of TAR

-The website Women of China's Tibet (http://zt.tibet.cn/web/xzfl/fulian/index.asp) has been launched on Feb 28

-According the 2nd round survey of national water energy resource, the water energy academic reserve of TAR reaches 201.36 million kilowatt, topping of the whole country

-The prices of three kinds of lube have risen since the early of this March

-In the morning of March 22, a training class on driving-study was open for farmers and herdsmen for free, over 70 Tibetans attended

-20 excellent companies of Tibet have been selected to attend the 99th CECF (Chinese Export Commodities Fair), which will be held from April 15 to 30 in Guangzhou, Guangdong province


-A rare gray baby Tibetan mastiff was born in Zunyi City March 2

-Thanks to 115,000 yuan (about 14,375 dollars) allocated by Lhoka Farming Bureau, needy farmers in Zhaqi Village have moved into new houses last year

-Preliminary of the 12th National CCTV Youth Singer Competition in Tibet was held in Tibet TV Station March 20

-The 25th session of the 8th Lhasa People's Congress Standing Committee was held in Lhasa March 21

-Tibet Bureau of Hydrology is under active preparation for the 14th World Water Day on March 22 and the 19th China Water Week from March 22 to 28

-Train from Guangzhou to Lhasa is expected to be launched July 1, and a debugging wil be held this May

-Tibetan branch of China Civil Aviation held a meeting to nail down the work in 2006

-Repa dance of Denqen County has been listed in the first group of national intangible cultural heritage

-Nyima Bkrashis, a professor of Tibet University was awarded by Microsoft as he was selected as one of 17 RFP (Request for Propos als) winners

-Resident ID cards in the 2nd edition will be sent to 800,000 Tibetans in 2006 sources from Tibet Office of Public Security



-Tibet plans to allocate 4.5 billion yuan to total 30 highway projects construction this year

-Zhufeng Weiye Shopping Center in Lhasa is under a preparation to build the first marketplace with theme of sport

-Nyingchi held a work meeting on farming industry and rural firms in Baiyi County March 17

-Tibetan Buddhism culture show "Song from Snow Mountain" will be staged in Hongkang April 25

-Renovation of Norbu Linka which was paused because of the cold winter has started work along with the warming weather

-Tibetan resident population reached 2.76 million till November 1 in 2005, according to a 1% population spot check issued by Tibet Nose-count Office

-A plane touched down on Nyingchi Airport from Southwest Civil Aviation for checkout March 9 which was the first plane landing there

-Lhasa held a meeting to deploy work to ensure public security this year recently

-The 1st village digital cinema in Tibet was set up in Tajie Village in Lhasa March 18

-Supported by State Ministry of Public Health and other financial departments, 24 ambulances are equipped for Tibet March 20



-Picturegraphy exhibition "Tibet 24 Hours" was held in Peimei Middle School in Calcutta from March 2 to 3

-Main body construction of Nedong Hotel built by Nedong Resident Committee via attracting investment was finished recently

-Tibetan financial departments pledge to make a stand for new villages construction sources from related governmental department

-An organization offering services on job seeking, labour export and skill training in Tibet was set up in Chongzhou

-Tibet Irrigation Office held training on water power station with 36 people attending from Lhasa, Xigaze, Lhoka, Nagqu and Ngari

-Snowy weather in east Tibetan area will last to today evening

-123-meter-long painting scroll "Holy Call" showing Tibetan scenery drawn by Yin Dade is expected to be finished and displayed to public in Chengdu this July

-Tibetan delegates attending annual session of the 10th NPC came back to Lhasa in succession

-39 persons were awarded from a lucky draw of civil servant law competition held in Lhasa March 19

-Officials of Shijiazhuang met the visit delegation from Ngari Prefecture of Tibet March 18



-A delegation from Ngari arrived in Shi Jiazhuang, capital of Hebei province for investigation

-Tibet established a guide-team for the development of non-state-owned economy

-Recently Sog county met a climax for learning from comrade Lun Bai

-The residents of Tibet amounted to 2.76 million till November 1, 2005, statistics showed

-55 poverty-removing workers attended the training class launched in Lhasa on March 18

-Hebei province organized a meeting for aid Tibet report

-Lhasa will plant trees in 2000 mu area, totally 50,000 mu greenbelt will be built in 2006

-A special set of four dog stamps including a Tibetan mastiff stamp is issued today

-Officials of Nagqu came to Nagqu Weather Bureau for investigation

-Students of Tibet Institute for Nationalities were awarded on a national university students' competition


-Tibet will invest 5,800 million yuan in medical service in next five years
-Yie Yan, (Evening Dinner) which was acted by Tibetan actors will attend the Cannes International Film Festival this May

-Ngari delegation arrived in Hebei province for investigation on the afternoon of March 16

-Lhasa organized a meeting for the public security on the afternoon of March 15

-A report meeting for Qinghai-Tibet railway constructors was delivered in Wuchang, Hubei province

-Different Spring plowing ceremonies were launched in Tibet at the middle of March

-Tibet communications department has made great progress in bringing-up technicians

-Aid Tibet Development Foundation held the 3rd council in Beijing from March 13 to 15

-The Tibet Archives Bureau sector meeting was organized in Lhasa on March 15

-Tibet safe job agency gives a hand to those migrant workers in Tibet, sources from Tibet Bussiness


-China Association for Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture delivered performances at Zham Port
-Digital film, Sky Grassland was put on in Dagze County for soldiers and officers

-"Ode to Snowy Mountain", a playbook for celebrating the run-through of Qinghai-Tibet railway was finished

-Tibet stresses the key point of 2006 culture sector work in recent days

-The Lhoka Hospital saved a heavy sick child in time in recent days

-Xaitongmoin County publicized the Mine Resource Protection Law to local farmers and herders

-In 4th Session of 10th NPC, Tibet delegates have handed over 49 proposals in all

-In the last two festivals, Spring Festival and Tibetan Losar, Tibet has received 50,000 tourists

-The pigeons at Patala Plaza for enjoyment will be posed on the stage as tourists at the plaza are increasing

-Tibet has constructed 12926 kilometers highway with an increased mileage of 8180 kilometers in last five years

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