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  Tibetan locals benefit from railway  
Source:en.tibet.cn Time:2006-12-25

"Railway brings more tourists and our products are out of demand," Qamba, the leader of Naqu Gulu Milk Goods Processing Factory said. He plans to build a grassland fence to buy some cattle and sheep for reducing the milk material cost. As his plan, this 1500 kg yearly output factory will meet a two-time turnover.

Doilungdeqen is just like the west gate of Lhasa. Drolkar, the head of Doilungdeqen County said that the county was busy with material flow grid based upon the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and over 4,000 households Tibetan farmers and herders would inhabit along the railway. "It is a long expected opportunity for us to develop the characteristic industries such as qingke and cole as well as speed the process of urbanization," said Drolkar.

The reporter found that many locals were selling characteristic local products along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Though the wild plants meet a price jump, many tourists still want to get some. "The railway carries many customers and we can earn much if we usually go to the mountain for the wild plants," said Yeshe Wangmu, a local woman in Bahe Township.

Liao Lisheng, director of the TAR Tourism Bureau said that the railway brought new climax for Tibet tour and it made different airline companies increasing flights to Tibet. In the first three quarters of 2006, Tibet has received 1.9 million tourists with an increase of 29 per cent and gained 2,030 million yuan (about 253.75 million US dollars), up by 24 per cent. Statistics from the Ministry of Railways show that till the end of November, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway has transported 650,000 passengers.

Liao said that 1 yuan (about 0.125 US dollar) tourism income would bring 4.5 yuan (about 0.5625 US dollar) income from related industries and one tourism post would also produce 5 demanded posts for related industries.

More comers make the related industry developing. Instant butter tea, air-dry beef and Lhasa beer are popular among tourists while accommodation, meal, traffic, communication, finance and entertainment also meet rapid development.

Up to now, over 40,000 Tibetan farmers and herders have participated in tourism. Liao Lisheng introduced that locals near Namco got a per household income of 30,000 yuan (about 3,750 US dollars) in 2006.

A skill training class for the first group of Tibetan farmers and herders was completed at Cona County, 800 kilometers away from Lhasa on November 28 and all those 65 Tibetans were ready for benefiting from the opportunity brought by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway which had been launched on this July 1.

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