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  Bring You into Tibet for the Tibetan New Year  
Source: tibettravel.cn:2007-1-17

Tibetan New Year is February 18 in 2007, which is the most important festival in Tibet. People sing and dance festively, in special dress during Tibetan New Year. You can have a full view of Tibetan custom and finery. People from everywhere will pilgrimage in the Holy city Lhasa, wearing diversiform folk dress, which is particular scenery in winter Tibet. There will be thousands of Tibetan people circumambulate around Barkhor Street of Jokank Monastery on the first day of Tibetan New Year. Every people wear in the most beautiful Tibetan finery and pray to the Buddha in there most religious heart.

Feb. 18 Lhasa:
We will meet you at the highest Gongar Airport in the world. Tour the highest river¡ªYarlung Zangbo River. Widgeon and cowhide-boat are cruising there. On the tour we will pay homage to the first Buddha you meet¡ªthe Neitang Buddha which built in the Eleventh Century.

Feb. 19 Lhasa: Jokang Monastery, Barkhor Street and Sera Monastery
Visit the Jokang Monastery in the morning, which is a culminating aim for the pilgrims. The status of Jokang Monastery is grandest in the whole Tibet. The the original gold stature of Sakyamuni 12 aged in Jokang Monastery is the most precious treasure in Buddhists¡¯ hearts. Around Joakng Monastery is Barkhor Street, perennial pilgrim are in an endless stream. You can finds varies of handicrafts full of Tibetan feature here. In the afternoon we will visit Sera Monastery. You can set your eyes on the Buddhism Scriptures Debating in Sera Monastery.

Feb. 20 Lhasa: Potala Palace and celebrate with Tibetan People
Visit Potala Palace in the morning. The architectural wonder is the symbol of Tibet. You can overlook the holy city when you stand on the roof of the Red hill. Then we come into the Tibetan family and celebrate the New Year with them. Here you will enjoy a Tibetan treatment of honoured guest.

Feb. 21 Lhasa-Yamdrok Lake-Shigaze
Today we will visit the holy lake in Tibet¡ªYamdrok Lake. The highest freshwater-lake is the largest water-bird habitat in Tibet. Many swans curvet here. Then we drive to Shigaze after the visit, which is the town of military importance in the back Tibet.

Feb. 22 Shigaze-Lhasa: Tashilhungpo Monastery
In the morning we visit residence of Panchen Lama, the of the four monasteries of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, Tashilhungpo Monastery. In the afternoon we drive back to Lhasa along Yarlung Zangbo River.

Feb. 23 Lhasa:
Go to Gongar Airport in the morning and end the trip.

Journey: 6 days

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