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  Film festival forum in UK features protecting Tibetan antelope  
Source: en.tibet.cn Time:2007-03-27

The Oxdox: MK International Documentary Film Festival in Oxford, a central city of the UK brought forth a topic forum "Our Space: Wilderness" and a short newsreel "Chiru" was shown with inviting Tsega, director of the Ke Ke Xi Li (also known as Hoh Xil) Nature Reserves to introduce the protection situation of Tibetan antelope in China.

The 26-minute-documentary "Chiru" directed by Fu Jingsheng and screened by Men Xiaoyan displays what threat Tibetan antelope is facing and what contribution that Chinese Government has made to fight against poaching and establish wildlife nature reserve in Ke Ke Xi Li and build migration channels for rare animals.

Tsega introduced that Tibetan antelope is the characteristic wild animal on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and it can only survive in the areas over 3,500 meters. In Tibet, Tibetan antelope strolls around 84,000 s.q. kilometers. But from the end of 1980s, poachers started to catch Tibetan antelopes based upon the great demand for Tibetan antelope cashmere in European market and till 1996, the amount of Tibetan antelope was reduced to less than 20,000 from the former one million.

Tsega pointed out that the Chinese Government paid much attention to the protection of Tibetan antelope. In 1997, a nature reserve was set up in Ke Ke Xi Li and 15 policemen were arranged to patrol against the poachers. After 10 years, the amount of Tibetan antelope has refreshed to 50,000.

Tsega together with two patrol policemen, Luo Yanhai and Puma Tashi met the audiences and they expressed that they wanted more and more people to know about Tibetan antelope and furthermore to protect this rare wild animal.

Many audiences expressed that they would like to contribute to the protection of Tibetan antelope.

The annual Oxdox: MK International Documentary Film Festival was respectively launched in Oxford and Milton Keynes focusing on "The Environment", "China" and "The City". 120 films will be shown on the festival and the festival will move to London in April and then go to France, the USA, Australia and China for tour show.

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